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CH CowboyClaws Boot Hill Bandit

Chocolate  Point with Blue Eyes Male Peterbald Cat

Born and Raised inside our home as part of our family

born 8/26/11, TICA Registered


Photo taken August 27, 2011

Just one day old



August 28, 2011

telling it like it is at 2 days old



September 3,2011

drinks from the bottle every 3 hours round the clock  because mom had no milk



September 8, 2011

weighs in several times a day to be sure he's growing good




September 10, 2011

likes to hold on to the bottle while he drinks




September 13, 2011

decided to stand up when he drinks



September 28, 2011

keeps a close eye on his bottle. goes everywhere with me to keep feedings on schedule




October 30, 2011

3 months old

We called him "Walkie Talkie Wind Up Toy" because he was so active and busy, talking all the time




December 24, 2011

silly boy standing on his head!



January 4, 2012

we went outside to get better color and quality but he was closely supervised by all of us

he is an indoor only cat





January 11, 2012

loves to sit in the sunny windows on the cat tree




February 14, 2012

got some nice jewelry for Valentines Day



April 8, 2012

still just a baby





April 13, 2012

Got the new automatic litter box and loves it!!




April 22, 2012

almost 8 months and pretending to be a big boy




June 8, 2012

he is an indoor only cat and was closely supervised by us for this photo where we could get

better lighting on the ledge.



September 23, 2012

Waiting on girls,where are they???



October 6, 2012

At the cat show with show judge Phillipa Holmes.

He got 2 Best Cat in Show awards



November   1, 2012

has beautiful deep blue eyes, long, tall and thin with skin that feels like the softest baby calf leather




November 16, 2012

Professional photo shoot with Helmi

Helmi took the following 3 photos






Walkie stands in front of the Litter Robot and a Rubbermaid Tub Litter Box telling me to take off his diaper now

Walkie has the smoothest, softest skin that feels awesome and requires no special grooming



November 30,2013


more photos soon....

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